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Troubled Teen Signs

"You can't tell me what to do!" A child that suddenly begins to exhibit a defiant attitude has probably fallen in with a new group of friends. This defiance itself is not the core issue but a manifestation
of what is really going on. Defiance will make family life miserable if left unchecked.

"I don't care!" If your formerly straight-A child's grades take a sharp turn for the worse this is usually one of the first indicators that something is wrong. His/her priorities have changed for some reason. Substance abuse of some kind is likely involved.

"You're not wearing that!" If the apparel of your child should take a dramatic change again, they probably have a new set of friends. The variation of extreme clothing changes can range from all black, to chains, and even more provocative styles of dress. The all black look is usually associated with what is referred to as the Gothic look. Care should be taken to closely monitor a child with this new look as innocent as it seems, it is definitely not a good direction for them to be headed in. Obviously a girl who begins to dress more provocatively is more than likely sexually active or may be interested in becoming so. A child who wears all of the same color of clothing may be investigating becoming associated with a gang. They will usually deny it but it again is something that should be closely monitored.

"What are you listening to?" In many cases a change in behavior will be accompanied by a change in music. It would be wise to jot down the names of the artists a child is listening to and research them on the internet. Much can be learned about a child's lifestyle by learning about what and who they are listening to for entertainment.

The Wrong Crowd. If your child has had a falling out with long time friends and is now spending time with friends that you don't know, it would be beneficial to get to know who your child is spending their time with. If your child is not bringing his or her new friends home for you to meet, you should be concerned. Talk to your teens old buddies. They usually know more than you'd think.

Drug Use. Sure signs that your child is using drugs is a sudden lack of interest in activities that were once very important to them and a new cast of friends that appear to you to be the wrong crowd. Physical signs include slurred speech, glazed eyes, rapid weight loss, and loss of motivation.

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